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Tuesday, January 17, 2017

REVIEW: Avenged by Lynn Carthage

Expected publication: February 28, 2017

Long ago, Eleanor Darrow was a servant girl at a great manor house in a quiet English village.  In love with Madam Arnaud’s son, Eleanor learned the woman’s cruelty up close.  Many died at her hands. Trying to kill her, Eleanor lost her own life.  In present day, Eleanor along with other ghostly friends, Phoebe and Miles, have crossed paths and believe they are connected to an ancient prophecy looming over the troubled manor where old, deep magic mixes with greed and revenge. They must work together to find answers and save Phoebe’s family and other innocents from a terrible fate.

Honestly, it was difficult to plunge into the narrative since I haven't heard of the trilogy nor obviously read any of the other books.  It took me a bit to piece most of the previous story together.  I didn't find anything wrong with the characterization, narrative or writing per se, I just wasn't connected since I hadn't been along for the ride since the beginning.

What I did find interesting was the connection to Arthurian legend but I felt that there could have been so much more to this and the connection to deep magic. This was a let down. 

Avenged is most likely to appeal to female readers who like ghost stories, Arthurian legend or want a good mystery that blurs the contemporary and historical lines. Good dialog and pacing.

Final rating: 3 out of 5 stars

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