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Wednesday, August 3, 2016

REVIEW: Invision by Sherrilyn Kenyon

Nick and company are back in the 7th installment to the Chronicles of Nick series.  Honestly, the premise it notably the same as the others.  Nick is the Malachi, a supremely powerful demon fated to be miserable and destroy the world.  Approached by an alternate adult self, this teenage version of Nick is trying to change his path, not turn evil and steer clear of the legions of baddies who want him dead all while still trying to navigate the perils of being a snarky, hormonal teen boy.

Like pretty much every book of the series readers will encounter:

  • Snarky, humor
  • Nick's sometimes inappropriate hormonal urges
  • Lots of mythology
  • Ancient dark forces with grudges trying to kill Nick and his friends
  • Nick not quite being in control of his powers
  • Flashback that provide insight to other characters
  • Battle wounded warriors who have had crap luck but are survivors and who just might find happiness in the end
  • Simi! - Acheron's demon daughter who loves to eat enemies with plenty of BBQ sauce
  • Cameo's by beloved character from Kenyon's Dark Hunters series
All in all, this was another fun entry in the series.  The audiobook read by Holter Graham was well performed and engaging.  My only criticism remains that for YA appeal, those who began the series have aged out. These will appeal to new readers with the proper marketing. I still wish there were more than one release per year. I'm ready to move past the teen year so the timeline is changed and Nick finally gets his Dark Hunter book.

Final rating: 3.5 out of 5 stars

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