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Monday, July 11, 2016

REVIEW: Exposed (Retribution) by Judith Graves

Thank you to Orca Book Publishers for a review copy on behalf of my ROYAL membership!

Exposed: Retribution is the third in a high interest YA trilogy which can be read in any order. Nearly sixteen-year-old Raven is aggressive, street smart and cunning after spending years defying dangerous situations as part of a large car theft ring.  She feels that she owes Diesel her loyalty, especially since he saved her from a life of hell.  Now she wants out but the only way is to train her successor to master her uncanny urban climbing skills.  When Raven learns that her boss and mentor is responsible for the senseless death of her "apprentice", she finally sees Diesel for what he is and sets out to bring him down with the help of some unlikely allies.

Characteristic of most high/low readers, the action starts from the first page and doesn't stop.  Raven is a kick-butt female heroine who is redeemable in spite of her flaws.  The supporting cast of characters are engaging as well even if some (i.e. Diesel) are a bit one note. 

The book is perfect for what it is intended to be.  A reluctant reader will be hooked on the action and the story.  For someone like me, the writing feels all too rushed and I wish there was more development and pacing because the concept is great. I was left wanting more and may actually pursue the next installment just to find out what happens with these characters and the promised next adventure to bring about justice. 

Recommended for purchase for school and public libraries. Audience appeal ages 12 and up for both male and female readers.  Action based, mystery thriller with a splash of romance and friendship. Readers will like the urban climbing element.

Final rating: 3.5 out of 5 stars

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