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Sunday, June 12, 2016

REVIEW: Calamity (Reckoners #3) by Brandon Sanderson

Thank you to Delacorte Press for a copy in exchange for a fair review on behalf of my ROYAL membership through the SWON Libraries.

Calamity is the conclusion to Sanderson's Reckoner series. Much of David's life has led to this since that fateful moment Calamity appeared in the sky, granting certain people incredible powers. However, this moment doomed David's life as Steelheart murdered his father and set him on a profound journey to eliminate Epics as part of the Reckoners.  It has been a bumpy ride full of loss and love and with this final chapter, the group still has more good to do.

David and the others continue with their plan to save Prof (or kill him if they have to) and ultimately destroy Calamity. First they need some new allies and some cool tricks before they head in search of Prof. Overall, the action sequence are great as are the engaging characters.  There's good banter and general plot pacing.

However, I finished the book feeling underwhelmed and disappointed.


Well, for one, 85% of the book was about fighting Prof, which I liked, but if the novel is titled Calamity, I want to ending of that plot resolution to to feel rushed, which I believe it was.  There wasn't adequate explanation of all the big reveals and surprises introduced for the narrative and its characters.  As much as I adored Steelheart, this was a huge let down. As I reader, I was left with far too many unanswered questions and without a sense of satisfaction.  How is Prof going to deal with what he did? So, Calamity is gone, now what? What's up with Firefight? Where's Oblivion? What's going to happen now?

I do hope that Sanderson revisits this world to provide readers with more of these answers.

Final rating: 3 out of 5 stars

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