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Thursday, March 24, 2016

REVIEW: The Immortal Heights by Sherry Thomas

The Immortal Heights is the final book in the Elemental trilogy. Everything has led to this, the final battle with the Bane.  Prince Titus has used his many resources to remain one step ahead of his foes, but he just might fail as the Bane issues a ultimatum: hand over elemental mage, Iolanthe, or watch as the entire realm is destroyed. Titus, Iolanthe, and their allies must work together if they are to save not only the realm but themselves. Breaking into a near impenetrable fortress is the least of their worries when new prophecies indicate greater impending doom.

This final book is pretty much a non-stop thrill ride.  It opens with Titus, Iolanthe and their allies knee deep in an action packed battle with Atlantis. The adventure doesn't let up as the characters evade enemies, craft strategy and navigate unforeseen events in their quest to end the Bane's tyranny. The Immortal Heights is an exciting and fantastic end to the series.  There were plenty of surprise twists that I didn't expect and will keep readers enchanted from start to finish.

I admire Thomas' writing and ability to create such an imaginative story which really is epic fantasy at its best but also mixes humor, romance, and friendship with the magical landscape.  It isn't easy for fantasy writers to carve their own unique space in a post-Harry Potter world; however, Thomas does so with finesse--paying homage to Rowling while building something new and exciting. The relationship between Titus and Iolanthe is admirable--sure there are ups and downs but it comes across as meaningful and respectful.  I particularly liked the epilogue and what it did for the characters and their futures.

Thank you to publisher Balzer + Bray for the review copy as part of my ROYAL membership with the SWON Libraries.

Final rating: 4.5 out of 5 stars

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