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Monday, December 21, 2015

REVIEW: Save Me by Jenny Elliott

"Witches,whales, and a forbidden soul mate."

Something strange is happening in Liberty, Oregon. Cara's life takes a surprising turn when a routine whale watching expedition turns dangerous. Tossed overboard by an aggressive, transient orca, Cara is thankfully saved by the dreamy new guy in town. Feeling an instant connection, she's hopeful that David is the guy of her dreams--too bad he ends up being her new journalism student teacher.

With her love life in shambles, Cara turns to her best friend, Rachel; however, it seems as if Rachel has taken a walk on the dark side, exploring witchcraft and forsaking her friends and family.  Her only refuge seems to be Garren--the school's drop dead gorgeous new student who's just a bit peculiar.  The true question if whether he' friend or foe, when exceedingly dark and dangerous occurrences being happening to Cara.

I can genuinely find redemption in nearly any read but this is almost an impossible task for me concerning this book.  Save Me wants to be a swoon worthy supernatural fantasy in the vein of Twilight and similar series but it falls far short.  The plot is far too scattered to keep readers' interest.  The supernatural twist just didn't work for me and there were huge holes inadequately filled in to try and explain events.  I'd hoped that what I'd encounter were shape-shifting whales rather than the poorly developed explanation we received. 

The character development didn't do much for me either.  You'd think you'd show more emotion if your best friend was possessed by a demon and you'd just witnessed a gruesome exorcism, but not Cara.  All of the characters are a bit too nonchalant about the weird and dangerous things happening in town.  Garren is just creepy, even if he's supposed to be an all knowing, guardian angel. Furthermore, David is not the slightest bit swoon-worthy.  Cara's mother was right to be concerned about her daughter's growing infatuation with a college boy and his rather complicated relationship with his father. Despite this 'connection' they both feel, there is no spark or passion to their interactions.

All in all, I finished it but wouldn't have it it wasn't a book I was reviewing for ROYAL. For fans of YA paranormal romance, there are plenty of better books.  If I had to gauge an appropriate reading level, I'd assign this to grades 8 and up. I would say this is an optional purchase for school and/or public libraries, if collection development is keen to purchase all the 'Swoon Reads' titles.

Final rating: 1 out of 5 stars

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