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Tuesday, December 22, 2015

PROGRAM: Sharpie Tile Coasters

I originally found this idea from Pinterest.  This is a relatively cheap and easy program for teens. They get the chance to be creative and have items to take home for practical use or to give away as gifts.
Nothing like a little blonde ambition!


  • Sharpies in a variety of colors
  • Glazed, 4 x 4 white ceramic tiles 
    • Purchased at any home improvement store. We got ours as Lowe's for $16.00. There are usually 100 in a box.
  • Pencils with erasers to sketch out designs before using the permanent markers.
  • Rubbing alcohol (optional)
  • Eye droppers (optional)
  • Access to an oven (bake these when they're done for 30 min @ 350 degrees to set the marker). Or, spray with clear laquer. (If neither are available, print instructions for teens to take home with them to give to their parents).
  • One can clear, spray laquer (optional)
  • Your imagination!

Once you have the materials gathered, decide on a location for teens. We were able to do this in our Teen Zone. You'll have to delegate materials based on the number of attendees. Teens were guaranteed 4 tiles to make coasters but were able to do more since we had a bunch of extras. 

At this point, let teens design at will. Most drew really fantastic images or other designs.  An optional technique is to stagger colors on the tile, then use an eye dropper of rubbing alcohol to yield a tie-dye effect.  Unfortunately, these materials went MIA on the day of our program. The Closet of Doom has swallowed whole! :(


Check out some of the cool creations!!!

Alice in Wonderland Inspiration
I think the Evil Queen would approve!
Give peace a chance!
After my own heart <3 <3
I am the Batman.

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