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Wednesday, November 11, 2015

PROGRAM: Fall Line-up--Zombie Prom

Halloween is my biggest library program of the fall.  As part of an October 'Zombiefest' including our Skype session with Jonathan Maberry, watching Warm Bodies and reading Rot & Ruin, our teen Halloween party this year was Zombie Prom.

Audience: Teens ages 12-18

Duration: An hour and a half (pre planning is a must! give yourself at least 2 hours for set up if you have help such as other staff members and teen volunteers)

Food: Pinterest was a huge help! Here's what we made:
  • Witch hats & brooms (fudge stripe cookies, orange icing, Hershey kisses, pretzel sticks, mini Reese’s cups)
  • Puking pumpkin & chips (ranch dip, ruffles, lil pumpkin carved)
  • Graveyard pudding cups (pudding cups various flavors, oreo crumbs, ghost Peeps, candy pumpkin)
  • Apple nachos (apple slices drizzled with caramel sauce, mini chocolate chips and mini marshmallows)
  • Oreo eyeballs (oreos, gel icing, gummy lifesavers, M&Ms)
  • Spider pops (tootsie pop, pipe cleaner, googley eyes)
  • Misc. candy + tiny treat bags

Activities: Teens were content to hang out, nibble on treats and socialize. We did have a number of other fun games:

  • Halloween Scavenger Hunt
  • Halloween Trivia
  • Boo bean bag toss
  • How to draw a zombie station w/ supplies
  • Bingo

Music & Photo Booth: A co-worker's father is a DJ so we had a fun Halloween mix playing for atmosphere.  'Thriller' is always a favorite but I was surprised by the group's love of the 'Addams Family' theme.  We also had a photo op graveyard scene. Check out the pictures!

It was a super fun eveing.  In total we had 25 teens who dressed as zombies, anime heroes, Marie, Luigi and even Boba Fett!

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