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Tuesday, September 1, 2015

REVIEW: Instinct by Sherrilyn Kenyon

Any reader who follows both Kenyon's Chronicles of Nick and Dark Hunters series knows how impossibly difficult it is to describe the complicated web of stories and characters.  The basic premise is that our beloved, yet epically flawed and tortured Nick Gautier from the Dark Hunters paranormal romance series has set out to manipulate the timeline, saving his mother from an ill fate as well as himself from being essentially evil incarnate aka "The Malachi" and ending the world.

Instinct is book 6 of the this YA series.  Now that young Nick has accepted the demon inside of him, he has to learn how to control his Malachi powers without losing his temper, destorying the world or accidentally hurting his friends.  It is becoming increasingly difficult to judge just who is an ally or enemy.  Just when Nick thinks he might have a "normal" day at school, shennanigans are once again afoot which push him further than ever to protect what he holds most dear.

I listened to the audiobook performed by Holter Graham. He has narrated the rest of the series as well as a good chunck of the Dark Hunter books.  Graham does a fantastic job with story emphasis, distinctive character voices and the ability to bring life to Nick's humor. I highly recommend the audio.

As a long time fan of both series, I am utterly hooked on the story but certainly wish Kenyon would move things along so that Nick can get his Dark Hunter epic we've all been clamoring to have for years.  The waiting certainly makes the anticipation bittersweet.  I found Instinct one of the strongest additions to this YA series.  It has the perfect amount of action, snark and intriguing character development. There are a lot of twists that occur in this novel that will greatly impact the subsequent books. I certainly like this teen Nick more than the broody and broken version of the adult series.  I cannot wait to finally see the transition in character once the YA arc comes to an end. 

Final rating: 4.5 out of 5 stars

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