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Tuesday, September 15, 2015

PROGRAM: Fall Line-up--Teen Cafe

Another returning program is Teen Cafe.  This is a gathering once a month for teens to "hang out" in out Teen Zone or just in the library.  The idea behind this stems from a 2014 renovation of the space. Teens can lounge in the TZ area, play board games, socialize or get on the computer.

A larger part of this open program is a movie showing.  Previously, we'd try to have just movie afternoons or book club tie-ins on Saturdays; however, attendance was low or inconsistent.  I'd read a bunch online about the success of similar programs.  Since the change, attendance is up whether it is due to the change of night, movie selections or the free popcorn!

We've chosen two high interest teen films plus another to work with our October "Zombiefest" theme. All three are on the Movie License list for Libraries.  I'm hoping for a good turnout!




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