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Thursday, May 14, 2015

Summer Reading Program Ideas #3

Masked Taste Testing

Group/Participation Event

Another idea to try is a masked taste testing.  This is an easy program to set up and execute; however, it will require planning and organization.

The goal is to get teens not only to make educated guesses using their other senses besides sight but also to try new things!

  • First, you'll want to decide which and how many foods will be part of the taste test.
    • Suggestions:
      • Different types of soda (try some international ones)
      • Candy
      • Common snacks (Doritos, cheetos, etc)
      • Exotic or international foods (jerky, snacks, crackers, etc)
      • Unusual fruits and vegetables
    • Other supplies:  
      • blindfolds (I suggest sleep masks with elastic bands over scarves you'd tie)
      • plastic containers with lids--Look online or at a local party or restaurant supply store to find p (i.e. those ones that hold extra sauce or salad dressing for takeout)
  • Keep the number manageable --enough to keep teens entertained and guessing but not too many to stress yourself out!
  • Develop a system of organization for yourself--labeling (i.e. A, B, C) will help you make heads or tails of all your mystery foods!
  • Have teens participate in teams.
    • Most correct guesses wins a book, silly prize or other incentive!
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