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Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Summer Reading Program Ideas #2

Here's another crafty idea you might consider for the summer reading 'Unmask' theme!


An activity perfect for both teen boys and girls would be makeup tutorials.  Such a project could be something you undertake as a teen librarian.  You'll find a plethora of tutorials via searches on Pinterest and YouTube.

Take care to be prepared, if you go down this road you'll want to practice, practice, practice!  I'd suggest doing a bit of research, find 3-5 techniques you feel confident in replicating and teaching. Keep it simple so that the tutorials can be done in your scheduled time and you can purchase supplies within your budget.

This would also be a great opportunity for networking throughout the local community. Do you or one of your family members or co-workers know a makeup artist? Is there a theater nearby? If so, see if they might volunteer their time or work within your library budget.  When I did a similar program for Halloween, it turns out that two co-workers had previous experience. With their help we 'zombified' a whole group of teens!

Tutorials of this sort would work great if teens wanted to create superhero personas and costumes to go along with other summer reading events!

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