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Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Summer Reading Program Ideas #1

For my library, the teen summer reading theme is Unmask.  This can be interpreted in a multitude of different ways.  Of course, one way to approach this is by adhering to a superhero theme.  Some of what I have planned for the summer will do just that; however, I have such a diverse group of teens, I didn't want to focus solely on this POV for fear of alienating those not interested or for superheroes to overstay their welcome.

June 1st will mark the third year I've planned 'Teen Tuesdays' at my library.  These weekly, 2-hour events start at the beginning of June and end the second week of August, just before school starts. Typically, I alternate between crafty activities, game days, movies, and other special guests.

Today, let's talk about mask making.  To introduce and tie in this year's theme, the kick off event will ask teens to create their own mask. How to do this depends on your own craft comfort level.  For me, I'd say I'm moderately comfortable with executing crafty creations, but there is a lot out there based on your time, budget and creativity restraints. Personally, tackling paper mache is way out of my comfort zone!

First, you'll want to pick a medium:

Other Supplies:
  • Glue (I recommend tacky glue or using a hot-glue gun w/ appropriate supervision)
  • Tape (optional)
  • Paint (optional)
  • Sharpies 
  • Decorative elements: sequins, feathers, glitter, ribbon, googley eyes, etc...
My summer programs usually yield attendance in the double digits.  For ease of set up, execution, and clean up, I've decided upon the purchase of pre-made plastic masks from Oriental Trading because they are inexpensive for the quantity. My library has a well stocked craft closet with the rest of the desired supplies. 

I estimate that the creation of these masks will keep my teens busy for the majority of the 2-hours. The plan is use this kick off as a tie in for a special program later in the summer. 

One of the highlighted events outside of 'Teen Tuesdays' will be Murder at the Masquerade. We've hired the Murder Mystery Company to put on a interactive whodunit with teen participants.  They'll get to wear their masks they made earlier in the summer and work with the actors and their peers to solve the crime!

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