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Tuesday, May 5, 2015

PROGRAM: Paint by Numbers

In our community, businesses are booming that allow patrons to come to socialize, have snacks and paint a picture.  This is a trend in other areas as well.  I wanted to attempt a library friendly version of such an event for teens.

And so...

Paint by Numbers was born!

Unlike the namesake of children's crafts of yore, I did not set specific art projects.  Instead, I had the materials on hand and teens were able to use their creativity to paint mini pictures of their own accord.  I made several examples prior to the event, which were then on display in the library's teen area and in our meeting room during the day's activity. This planned activity lasted 2 hours (allotting dry time). Teens chatted and had some snacks while they waited for their art to dry.

What Supplies You'll Need:

  • Black canvas (pick any size you'd like)
    • I found the teeny canvas and easels pictured from Discount School Supply
    • The package comes with 48 and was just on sale at the time, somewhere around $75 --BUT --I still have some left over for future use.
  • Acrylic paints (multiple colors or just the basics so teens can mix their own)
    • OPTIONAL - if paint is too expensive or messy, try sharpies!
  • Paint brushes
  • Paper plates to use as palettes
  • Plenty of paper towels
  • Small cups of water for rising brushes

  • Super fun!
  • Teens loved being creative and having little paintings to take home
  • Kinda messy :0(
    • If I did something like this again, I'd use sharpies since I had such a huge group.
    • Paint would work better for a smaller number of participants.

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