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Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Teen Zone: Upcycled Modge Podge Table Tops

In the fall of last year we gave our Teen Zone a much needed renovation to transform it from a dark blue cave into a modern, well lit and defined space where teens in our community could gather for programs, to hang out after school and have a functional place to work on homework assignments.
As with any renovation, sticking to a budget is important.  To save money, I was able to repurpose two of our existing tables.

It took me about two weeks but here are pictures of the finished product.  This is an homage to literature as much a pop culture.  All it took was Modge Podge, a paint brush, picture print outs (plus pages from some discarded books, and a WHOLE LOT of patience.

Every one who sees it loves it and relishes in the challenge to find Olaf, all 101 dalmatians and of course Waldo!

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