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Friday, June 21, 2013

Tests and Tips and Strategies, Oh My!

Youth today are bombarded with test taking from an early age.  The pressure never seems to cease.  Young adults are expected to perform well not only on school subject tests but also state standardized tests and college entrance exams. The topic of Test Preparation remains relevant to teens because virtually no one can escape the dreaded exam. Many future professional and personal paths may hinge on a teen's ability to navigate these varying tests with a degree of success.  Test success need not be limited to higher educational pursuits. Teens and others are now realizing that exams are necessary for many other vocational careers that require continuing education and licenses.

By sharing and promoting these resources, we as (parents, teachers, librarians, and students) can work together to ease the anxiety associated with this subject and provide easy access to quality reference materials. Please visit the Test Preparation Tips and Resources page of my blog for a Digital Pathfinder for this particular subject.


Hello there!  My name is Linsey the Librarian.  I am currently a teen services librarian in southwestern Ohio. Welcome to my blog.  Feel free to explore the developing resources made available to teens and professionals working with young adults.